Joshua - "When There's No Looking Back..."

We’ve entered a great stadium, mid-race, as thousands cheer us on.  One by one, great heroes of the faith have come down to encourage us on our journey. Last week we ran a lap with Moses, but as he returns to the stands with staff in hand, he is passed by a strong and courageous-looking man who suddenly falls to his knees and embraces Moses like a child would his father. Rising to his feet again, he smiles warmly at Moses before continuing down to the field toward us. Could this be Joshua? Joshua who was sent into Canaan by Moses to spy out the land with eleven others (Numbers 13-14)?  Joshua who along with Caleb, were the only men to bring back a hopeful report, saying, “If the Lord is pleased with us, he will bring us into this land and give it to us….” (Num. 14.8)?  Joshua who was chosen by God to succeed Moses, because he trusted that God would indeed bring the Israelites into the Promised Land?  "That's me," he replies, and begins to jog alongside us.  A thought that we've encountered before on this track resurfaces: “My life feels so ordinary when compared to someone like Joshua or Moses, or even one of the Lord's disciples.”  “I know how you feel,” Joshua says, as though able to hear our thoughts, “but believe me when I say that the greatest thing is to be part of the next thing God is doing.”  Click this link to download.

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