Deborah - "When the Future Is Unclear..."

Deborah & Barak defeat Canaanite
forces at Mount Tabor
We’ve entered a great stadium, mid-race, as thousands cheer us on.  One by one, great heroes of the faith have come down to cheer us on our journey. A woman now approaches us with a commanding presence and the voice of a wise counselor: “Shalom Aleichem!" she says. "I am Deborah.” "And upon you also be peace" we reply. What a privilege to speak with this prophetess, counselor, and warrior who led Israel during the period of the Judges.  It was a time when the people were to look to God for leadership; but often failed to do so, plunging them into a cycle of oppression and suffering at the hands of their enemies.  When at last they cried to God for help, he would raise up inspired leaders or “judges” to deliver them. Deborah was the fourth of these Spirit-filled leaders during a period of Canaanite oppression.  As this great woman of faith starts to jog alongside us, we hear these words, “Even when the future was unclear, I could see God’s victory… and so can you.”  Click this link to download.

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