A Life Lived in Fellowship

We live in a time of declining trust in spiritual leaders, an era of disappointment with organized religion, when alternative creeds and philosophies abound, where many feel that “truth is in the eye of the beholder.”  In such a day, how can Christians be sure that their own spiritual experiences are genuine? In his letter, John gives us some clear signs of an authentically Christian faith that will also be compelling to others. 

The first of these “life signs” from 1 John 1:1-4 is a life lived in fellowship.  Now most professing Christians are pretty enthusiastic about “fellowship"  but what is the real basis for our fellowship?  What makes it any different from other social gatherings?  That is the subject of John’s opening verses, where he testifies that…(1) this fellowship broke into history… when the Word of Life appeared in the flesh; (2) this fellowship existed from eternity…with the Father and the Son and (3) this fellowship is a growing family… marked by joy.  Click this link to download.

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