An Illuminated Life

How can we recognize true Christianity or be sure that we are authentic followers of Christ in the spiritual and religious maze that we live in? John’s letter was written to help us recognize some clear signs of genuine Christian faith.  The second of these “life signs” from 1 John 1:5-2:2 is an illuminated life. On my college ring are the words, “Let there be light,” the motto of the University of California.  These words are intended to point to the light of reason and human knowledge; but in actuality they are a citation from the Book of Genesis ch. 1, where it is revealed that God is the source of all light.  This is true enlightenment…to be illuminated by the light of God…the purifying light which speaks the truth about sin, leads us to the blessing of repentance, and restores our fellowship with him and others.  Click this link to download.

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