The Song That Can't Be Silenced

There is no other time of year that the message of God’s love is more omnipresent than right now, when songs of biblical hope, peace, and joy are so in evidence.  We hear them wafting through shopping malls; streaming from car radios, or playing on ipods. For 2000 years, we’ve been singing and chanting and humming with the angels who announced the Messiah's’ birth.  What is the power of these songs, even for skeptics, and why do we sing them?  Click this link to download.

The Testimony of the Tree

Although no one can make a “biblical case” for the display and decoration of Christmas trees, they have had a prominent place in the celebration of Jesus’ birth for centuries.  Is this simply a “heathen tradition” that Christians should avoid, or is there a deeper and more profound reason that we should “light the tree” each year?  Click this link to download.

An Invitation to the Table

For centuries, Christmas has been a time marked by celebration, by office parties, by neighborhood and family gatherings.  Is all this partying really appropriate for Jesus' followers? While the Bible does not encourage "partying," God has created in us a longing to celebrate, to experience the promise of God's Kingdom jubilee...and in the advent of the Messiah that celebration has already begun.  Click this link to download.

The Message of a Billion Lights

This Christmas, a billion people across the face of the earth -- many without understanding -- with candle flames and multi-colored lights, will announce one glorious fact: The Light has come!  Christ is the Light of lights before all worlds; the Redeeming Light of our darkened world; and the Eternal Light of that glorious New World.  Click this link to download.