Sent to Samaria (Living Out the Ancient Call)

When Jesus said he was going to send his disciples into Samaria as his witnesses (Acts 1:8), he meant he was going to send them into enemy territory.  Jews and Samaritans had agreed to hate one another for nearly a thousand years. To a Jew, the Samaritans were despised half-breeds who intermarried with their Assyrian conquerors back in 723BC, and adopted some of their pagan religious practices.  The Mishnah (a rabbinic commentary) says: “He that eats the bread of the Samaritans is like to one that eats the flesh of swine.”  Yet there is no escaping that, after two millennia, Jesus continues to send us with his message to the very ones with whom we’d rather not talk, or associate; and yes, even to those we may think...are swine.  Click this link to download.

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tom t said...

Who are Samaritans to us? They are groups that we don't like, no hate...we are bitter against them and the feeling is mutual. But they are also close to us--they are not completely opposite, they are similar but different.
Some possibilities--

Jehovah's Witnesses
Liberal Christians
These groups were part of us once but split off, or we split off from them. Our relation with them is different from our relation to Buddhists or Hindus. Those two religions are more different from Christianity than the ones on my list above, yet there is less hostility between us and them.