Sent with Power (Living Out the Ancient Call)

In John’s gospel the Holy Spirit is referred to as the Comforter or the Advocate.  When we hear the word  “comforter” today we may think of a quilt that keeps us warm on a cold night, or we may think of one who cheers us up or makes us feel, well, comfortable. In reality, the word “comforter” comes from the Latin root “fortis” meaning “strength and courage" (William Barclay). In the drag races,” a friend wrote me, “they say ‘stay on it’ or ‘don't lift.’ In other words, “keep the throttle mashed to the floor from the starting line until past the finish line.”  The Holy Spirit is the one who gives us the strength and courage to “stay on it,”  to roll out instead of rolling over. The Comforter didn’t come to make us comfortable.  He came to make us missional.  Click this link to download.

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