Bathwater into Wine (March 27, 2011)

“Without wine” said the Rabbis, “there is no joy”.  Hospitality in the east was a sacred duty as it is to this day, and it would have been humiliating for the bride and groom to run out.  For many people, life feels just like that.  The wine has dried up...and that’s where John 2: 1-11 comes in, because on the third day of Jesus’ public ministry, at a wedding feast in Cana, we learn what we need when the wine of life begins to run dry: (i) intercessors who will go with us and for us to Jesus; (ii) fellow servants who will help us follow His directions (iii); witnesses to encourage us when they see the first signs of new life (9-10); (iv) and a believing heart when Jesus’ glory is revealed to us.  Click this link to download.

Missing Jesus (March 20, 2011)

There are times when we may feel God has run away, is absent, or cares little about what we want.  Is this true?  Jesus’ parents discover the answer when as a boy he goes missing…for three days.  (i) When God seems absent, it is we who may have moved on.  (ii) When God seems absent, we will find him where his people are.  (iii) When God seems absent, we can tell him all our fears.  (iv) When God seems absent, he is still at work, and invites us to join him.  Click this link to download.

Run-Away Prophet (March 13, 2011)

The story of Jonah is not so much about a man who was swallowed by a whale, as it is about a man who is swallowed by hate.  It’s about a man who has three days to contemplate how important obedience and compassion are to God…  Click this link to download.

Response-Ability (March 6, 2011)

On the third day, a Jewish harem girl risks her life when she approaches the king on behalf of her people.  The Story of Esther challenges me to embrace my responsibilities; to respond to the world as it is, to go nose to nose with evil and so make a difference for God’s kingdom.  Click this link to download.