On the Mountain of God (January 23, 2011)

If you had three days to prepare to hear God’s voice, would you know what to do?  Moses didn't...until God gave him clear instructions in Exodus 19: God told him to set aside a holy time, to set aside a holy place...to adopt a holy mind-set, and to prepare to hear and receive all of God's holy words.  Click this link to download.

"God Will Provide" (January 16, 2011)

The story of the sacrifice of Isaac in Genesis 22 is a story that has troubled many people.  Why would God ask Abraham and Sarah to sacrifice their one and only miracle son born to them in their old age, this child whom God had solemnly promised them twenty-five years before?!  The Bible tells us that it was a test…a three day test of Abraham’s obedience and faith in God, and on this three day journey, Abraham and Isaac learn how God provides for and blesses those who honor him. Click this link to download.

"Let There Be Life...." (January 9, 2011)

The Bible is both an incredibly human and God-breathed collection of stories, histories, poetry, prophecies, and letters.  We can divide the Bible up by book and author: the Protestant Bible contains 66 in all.  We can divide the Bible up into categories like The Five Books of Moses, the Prophetic Writings, the Gospels of Jesus Christ, or the Letters of Paul.  Another way to divide up the Bible, suggests John Ortberg, is by time frame.  One of these time frames is what might be called the "Three-Day Story.”  Beginning with the Third-Day of Creation in Genesis 1: 1-13, let’s take a look at these powerful stories over the next several weeks and what they have to teach us about getting from despair to hope, from chaos to creativity, and from barrenness to new life…because from the dawn of Creation the power of the Third Day is God’s promise to each of us who trust in him.  Click this link to download.