The Story of the Greedy Farmer (May 30, 2010)

In Luke 12: 13-21, a man approaches Jesus, asking him to play the role of judge -- not an unusual thing to ask a rabbi in the first century. “Teacher, tell my brother to divide the family inheritance with me” he cries. No doubt the father left his possessions to his sons in a lump sum -- which might not be a problem if there was peace between the brothers, but there wasn’t. So the man approaches Jesus like a judge on The People’s Court and asks him to enforce his right to his share of the inheritance. Jesus refuses to play that divisive role, however "legal" his claim  might have been.  He knew that his most important problem was not the division of his father’s property, but the division of a family over material possessions.  “One’s life does not consist in the abundance of possessions” Jesus says. "Now let me tell you a little story…” Here is Jesus’ signal that he wants to help the man, and anyone in earshot, understand that there are ways to be rich that are far more important than having great material wealth, and he does this by telling us how a greedy farmer who thought he was rich was really poor. Click the link below to download.

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