Shooting for the Stars (Feb. 21, 2010)

Paul's challenge to 'shine like stars' in Philippians 2: 12-18 is no small task, for it involves the kind of self-emptying humility that was in Y'shua (Jesus). Yet the promise is that God is working in us even as we work to reflect the character of Jesus in our world...for the sake of humankind and the glory of God. Click the link below to download.

How Low Will You Go? (Feb. 14, 2010)

How much do we value the community of Jesus’ followers, and to what lengths would you go to keep it? In his letter to the Philippians (2: 1-11), Paul urges us to treasure this gift, alerts us to what threatens it, and reveals the essential mindset of Jesus that makes it grow and flourish. Click the link below to download.

The Call to Holy Boldness (Jan. 24, 2010)

What hill would you be willing to die on? What principles and ideals, what traditions, what causes or people would you be willing to lay down your life for? In Philippians 1: 19-30, Paul says that his desire is that "with all boldness, Christ will be exalted now as always in my body whether by life or by death." His words and example of fearless living inspire us to live above mediocrity as we stand firm in one spirit for the sake of Christ and his mission, regardless of opposition or hardship. Click the link below to download.