The Song of Reconciliation (Nov. 15, 2009)

Papa said to Mack, “I want to take away one more thing that darkens your heart.” Mack immediately knew what it was and turning his head away from Papa, started boring a hole with his eyes into the ground between his feet…Now there was no holding back as hot tears poured down his face and between sobs Mack cried, 'Papa, how can I ever forgive that SOB who killed my Missy?'"(The Shack, p. 226). In The Shack, Mack discovers that forgiveness is key to the final step of healing that Papa wants to do in his life – but it may be the hardest step of all. Thankfully, Papa has not left us without some clear guidance when it comes to walking the difficult road that may or may not lead to reconciliation. Click the link below to download.

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