Missional Rewards (Nov. 23, 2008)

Jesus wants to fill our lives with eternal rewards. This we must understand if we are to be effective as his missional people. In this final passage from Jesus' Sermon on Mission, Jesus explains who it is that will be rewarded...and why. Click the link below to download.


Missional Division (Nov. 16, 2008)

Jesus tells us, and the rest of the New Testament confirms, that joining in his mission may well cause division in our own families -- But can it really be that the best way to love our families is to love Him more? Click the link below to download.


Facing Missional Fear (Nov. 9, 2008)

Jesus invites his disciples to face their fear of people with a holy fear of God; and the promise of his love. Click the link below to download.


Mission on the Margins (Nov. 2, 2008)

In the 21st c entury, Christians no longer have a favored place at the center of society; we're on the margins again, where we do best... Click the link below to download.