Missional No-Brainers (October 26, 2008)

Jesus tells us to go where we are welcomed; and what to do when we are not. Click the link below to download.


Missional Abuse (Oct. 19, 2008)

The spiritual power Jesus gives us for our missional work is real, and where there is spiritual power there is also the temptation to abuse it. Click the link below to download.


Missional News Flash (Oct. 12, 2008)

At a time when there seems to be an overabundance of bad news, we can give thanks for the good news of the kingdom that is breaking into this world through the message and ministry of King Jesus. Click the link below to download.


Missional Destinations (Oct. 5, 2008)

One of the most significant obstacles to our work as God's people is a lack of clarity about where to go -- our unique mission. In Matthew 10: 5-6, Jesus provides that clarity. Click the link below to downnload.